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A person's story is arguably a succession of moments of particular importance. Here I will briefly summarize the moments that have shaped me in relation to my current work. I began training the body as a child in pantomime and later in karate lessons. This was followed by a somewhat lost phase of puberty, during which I was able to train Wing Tsun for a few years. I had my first deep spiritual experience at the turn of the year in the new millennium. At the young age of 20 I sat on a Vipassana course, which meant 10 days of sitting, silence and introspection. It was so profound at the time that I continued down this path. From there I was drawn to shamanism and Astanga Yoga. I went through a few courses and schools and then for many years I found a home in Kriya and Hatha Yoga and at the same time started to practice Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Later I met Master Shi Yang Liang from the Shaolin Temple Austria and Traktung Rinpoche, an American mystic and master of Vajrayana. These two masters put something together in me that I had been looking for for a long time. I took refuge in Buddhism in the Mahayana flavor of the Shaolin Temple and also practice the tantric flavor of the Vajrayana path. On this basis I continued to study the philosophical and practical principles of martial arts as well as other religious concepts like Taoism and Shivaism.      


This is how the Shenwarrior project came to life. I wanted to make these rich treasures of the traditions accessible in a way that is easy to understand and to practice for everyone. Irrespective of religion, certain principles can be derived which, if observed, lead to a healthy and harmonious life. The warrior as the primary archetype must be able to heal and manage life in addition to fighting. He must be able to respond to the demands of the world without losing his way. In this respect I understand Shenwarrior as a holistic offer of self-determination and beauty in life.  

Certificates, prizes, etc.:

  • Longtime student of Traktung Rinpoche        

  • Certified Shaolin instructor (Gao Ji Jian Lian) by Sifu Kanishka      

  • Certified Shaolin Kung Fu teacher by Grandmaster Shi Yang Liang      

  • Certified meditation, kung fu, taiji, qi gong teacher (Sportunion Wien)      

  • Certificate in Buddhist Studies from the University of Sri Lanka      

  • European Champion in Shaolin Rou Quan (2019)        

  • Austrian State Champion in Shaolin Rou Quan (2018)        

  • Austrian State Champion in Sanda (2014 and 2015)        

  • Chairman of the Garuda Warrior Academy martial arts club        

  • Pranavita training        

  • 3 year basic shamanic training at the Twisted Hair Sundance Path      

  • Many years of Kriya Yoga practice under various masters        

  • Many years of Vipassana practice    

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