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Shenwarrior roughly translated means "spirit warrior". In this approoach I present unique training concepts that makes the ancient wisdom of the three treasures - body, energy and spirit - accessible to everyone. My work is mainly based on the teachings of Shaolin, Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism but also contains original Hatha and Kriya Yoga. Whoever understands the essence knows how to extract the essential points from the different paths. Cultures and methods have always been in exchange and changing over time, they may use different symbolic structures and have developed their specific art and knowledge, but the training of body, energy and mind is always the focus of the great work. Whoever makes the body flexible and strong, trains the breath and mind then synchronizes words with deeds will make good progress in life and be happy even in difficult times. Cultivating and sharing this ancient knowledge and radiant power in a way practicabel in our days is the path of the



Martial arts, meditation and inner alchemy form a holistic path. The path of the warrior. Its a way that accepts the laws of the universe completly. by learning, understanding and using the forces of the word one comes to transcend it.

Teachings from the buddhist, taoist and ancient indian philosophies have heavily influenced my work. I was and am deeply fortunate to learn from many excellent teachers and masters, who are on a level far beyond mine own. I tried not only to absorb their knowledge but also to cultivate the experience of their teachings through many years of practice. I really can say these ancient teachings are worthier than all riches of the world.

I want that the people I work with become truthful, nobel, fearless and strong personalities, who walk in accord with an ancient code of morality and wisdom to shape their live and the lives of them around them to the better.

The practices have done a very good job with me, and so I know they can do that with anyone.


Manuel Scherzer

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My work is based on the triad of body, energy and mind

The Trinity is a central symbol of perfection in many cultures. In Buddhism one speaks of body, speech and mind. In Taoist alchemy, the three treasures are called Jing, Qi and Shen (essence, energy and spirit). Christianity also knows the triad of father, son and holy spirit. These things don't mean exactly the same thing, but they indicate a basic structure of our reality. In my work I always teach the three levels of body, energy and mind. Together they result in a complex interplay of forces that need to be harmonized. When the three levels are fully developed, they truly become the three most precious treasures of human existence.

Body - Jing

Jing is the name given to the liquid essence of power. Our blood, bone marrow and lymph but also our digestion, sexual fluids and hormones are Jing. When we eat we absorb the jing of other life forms. Jing is the basis of our physical wellbeing. When our jing is strong and well nourished, our bodies become resilient and we stay healthy and youthful. To build up a good jing in the body is the base of all othe practices.

Energy - Qi

Qi is the life force. it is in constant interplay with the jing and shen. Everything that is has its own power. The sun and the moon have qi, a lake or a river transport qi. We as humans find the easiest access to this through breathing. Our breathing absorbs Qi from the air and sets the inner process of transformation in motion. With the help of the breath we transform our Jing into Qi. We generate power. This transformation is the basis of internal alchemy. Qi ist what we will work with the most, because it is the link between Jing and Shen.

Spirit - Shen

Shen means spirit. The spirit in its pure form is attention, mindfulness, or presence. One can understand Shen as a divine spark.  If one trains and concentrates one's own mind, then inner joy arises from the gathering. That joy is Shen. In order to cultivate Shen it is necessary to strengthen his virtues and become truthful. On this basis one can begin meditation. Meditation will release Shen and lead to a noverbal and very deep understanding.


Managing Director of Event Safety

Roland Lehner

"The 'Warrior Awareness Training' in the ' Garuda Warrior Academy ' , led by Manuel Scherzer , gives my 80 employees the best and necessary compensation to master the challenges of being a security / bodyguard in peaceful, deep relaxation."


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