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Shenwarrior is a unique training concept that makes the ageless work with the three treasures - body, energy and mind accessible to everyone. Thousands of years of knowledge from traditions like shaolin, buddhism, taoism and ancient yoga are linked in a way that makes the essence understandable. Anyone who holds the essence recognizes the connections and knows how to extract the essential methods from the myriad of ways. Cultures and methods have always been influencing each other and changing over time, but the training of body, energy and mind is always the focus of the work. If you make your body flexible and strong, train your breathing and speech and know how to collect your mind, you will make good progress in life and be happy even in difficult times.  

Cultivating and sharing this inner happiness and radiant power is the goal of Shenwarrior!


Martial arts, meditation and inner alchemy unite as a holistic path. This path is the way of the warrior. One faces life in its entirety and transcends it by fully accepting its laws. Through the deep understanding and harmonization of the forces that determine life, true mastery awakens.      


I am fortunate to learn from many excellent teachers and not only to absorb their knowledge but also to cultivate the experience of essence through many years of practice. 


It is extremely important to me to understand every approach that I study and to see its uniqueness. The trend of wanting to see everything as one and mixing different methods and ways at will leads to problems of confusion. Accurate results are not produced and spiritual progress is uncertain when the philosophical base of training is uncertain. Every tradition has its very own language and perspective, learning and putting them into practice takes a lot of time and attention. Over time, one can see overlaps, define differences, and get a clear picture of how things work. The summit may overlook everything, but the paths to get there are not the same.        


My main focus is therefore on Buddhist theory and practice, Shaolin martial arts and Taoist alchemy. These belong together and should, in my opinion, also be studied as a triad. From there I stretch into the Indian and yogic roots of warrior archetype and also incorporate the knowledge of my shamanic training.  


Manuel Scherzer

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My work is based on the triad of body, energy and mind

My work is based on the triad of body, energy and spirit. The Trinity is a central symbol of perfection in many cultures. Buddhism speaks of body, speech and mind. In Taoist alchemy, the three treasures are called Jing, Qi and Shen (essence, energy and spirit) and Christianity also knows the triad of father, son and holy spirit. This words, in their meaning not exactly the same, are still pointing to an underlying structure of our reality. In my work I always teach the three levels of body, energy and mind. Together they result in a complex interplay of forces which need to be mastered and harmonized. When fully developed, those three aspects of life truly become the three most precious treasures of human existence.

Body - Jing

Jing is the liquid essence of power. Our blood, bone marrow and lymph as well as our digestive and sexual fluids and hormones are Jing. When we eat, we absorb the jing of other life forms. The jing is the base of our physical well-being. When our jing is strong and well nourished, our bodies become resilient and we remain healthy and youthful.  

Energy - Qi

Qi is the life force. it stands in constant interplay with the jing and shen. Everything that is has its own power. The sun and the moon have qi, a lake or a river transport qi. We as humans find the easiest access to this through breathing. Our breathing absorbs Qi from the air and sets the inner transformation process in motion. With the help of the breath we transform our jing into qi. We generate power. This transformation is the base of inner alchemy.

Spirit - Shen

Shen denotes the spirit. Mind in its pure form is awareness, mindfulness, or presence. Shen can be understood as divine spark. When one trains and calms one's own mind, inner joy arises from mediative absorption. That joy is Shen. In order to cultivate Shen, it is necessary to strengthen one's virtues and become truthful. On this basis one can begin true meditation. The meditation will release Shen.


Managing Director of Event Safety

Roland Lehner

"The 'Warrior Awareness Training' at the 'Garuda Warrior Academy' led by Manuel Scherzer gives my 80 employees the best and necessary balance to master the challenges of security/bodyguard life in peaceful deep relaxation."    

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